Custom-made Swing Security Gates at the best prices.

An effective way of protecting your home and family from intruders is to install swing security gates. We are serious about your security and always striving to provide the best swing security gates.

swing gates

Why choose our Swing Security Gates for your doors?

  • Better prices because of our dedication to providing strong security gates to as many customers as possible.

  • A safer product that is stronger (over 8 key components made from aluminum and steel - no plastics)

  • Superior delivery times due to our fast quoting and manufacturing systems.

  • Best DIY security gate options with easy-to-understand installation manuals and videos.

  • 100% South African made. Supporting local business, community, and economy.

Swing Gates - Security Burglar Gate Design

  • Swing  Gates are the most common conventional type of barrier. This type of gate is manufactured to suit a particular opening. We use a 25 mm square tube for the outer frame, 25 x 50 mm tubing for all horizontal beams, and solid 12mm bars, either twisted or straight. The product is fully welded and painted with Exterior Epoxy Powder Coating for internal or external conditions.

  • Not the typical security barrier one could buy from the shelf, it's custom-built from superior steel sections for ultimate protection and in most cases installed by our technicians. We manufacture custom-designed steel swing gates to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Several decorative scrolls, castings, or forged steel patterns are available to ensure a unique and modern design.

  •  Custom-made swing gates are available at Robo Door! You’ve seen them before, the security gates which hang in front of the front door. Robo Doors security swing gates are stronger than any other gate on the market which gives you superior security. If thieves have to get through a gate before they bash down your door they are probably going to make quite a bit of noise. Often this is enough, alerting you or your guard dogs so that you can call the police. Never underestimate the swing gate. Robo Door also offers standard gate designs to choose from.


Lock types for swing security gates

  • Robo Door developed a unique Electromagnetic Slam Lock allowing you to open your security gates with remote control. The first no key retractable security gate! The Electromagnetic lock is ideal for areas where you have a huge amount of traffic, where you need to control access.

​Burglar Security gates colors

  • It is important that the color matches your existing structure, i.e. Aluminium, wooden or steel doors, and window and frames. Our standard colors are Bronze, Charcoal, White, and Sand. Other colors are available on request.

Burglar Security gate designs

  • All barriers are custom manufactured and designed to suit your particular need. Our consultant will assist you with the various product options and solutions for all applications. Barriers can either be either fitted in the reveal, or the face-on position. Reveal fitment requires at least 55 - 60 total clearance all-round. Should the clearance be less, it will be advisable to request a face-on fitment.

  • Doggy or Monkey Bars option. This will prevent dogs or monkeys to enter. The doggy bars reduce the pitching to 70mm, which makes it almost impossible for dogs or monkeys to enter. It’s also ideal for open shop fronts and liquor outlets.

Swing Security gates maintenance
  • Regular cleaning and lubrication will be required to ensure that your product offers you the best return. Coastal areas should spray/wash the product regularly with a rust preventative spray/lubricant. A galvanized product will, however, offer you greater protection against corrosion. We recommend regular cleaning and lubrication to the bottom and top tracks.

Delivery and installation of security gates
  • Selecting the standard color ranges allows delivery within 3-5 working days, non-standard colors products require 7-10 working days lead time. Hot-dip galvanized products require a longer lead time and could be installed within 14 working days.

​Swing Security gates warranty
  • Robo Door offers a 10 years no-fuss warranty against defective materials and workmanship. We will replace all defective parts or barriers pending the nature of the damage. Rust is not part of the product warranty unless the product has been manufactured with normal material when ordered as galvanized.

Swing Security gates prices
  • As our doors are custom made, we require a 50% deposit and the balance on completion. The effective start date will, therefore, be the date when we receive proof of payment. Card facilities and other terms are available pending the institutional requirements. Other terms can be negotiated, conditions apply.

  • Homebrakins is the number one crime in South Africa, at this moment having security gates is a must-be. Knowing these facts and having the goal of protecting as many people as possible, our prices are the most one of the most affordable in the country.