Robo Door is a trellis doors manufacturer from Johannesburg, South Africa. We are operating since 2005, providing a comprehensive range of security products and services. After supplying customers from Zambia with trellis doors and burglar bars for over 6 years we decided to open our first branch in Lusaka. Zambians can now purchase Robo Door's products directly at very competitive prices with fast manufacturing times. 

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Products available at our branch in Lusaka

We are offering a large number of quality products at advantageous prices. Robo Afrique offers the best delivery times and service.  Follow us on Facebook to see the latest completed projects, promotions, and news.

An effective way of protecting your home and family from intruders is to install trellis doors. Robo Afrique provides sliding security gates such as trellis doors suited for normal Household, Industrial and Commercial markets. By choosing one of our products you are taking a big step towards your home security and the protection of your privacy. We are serious about your security and always strive to provide the best service to our customers.

Get your security barriers installed in just 3 days

We know how important is to secure your home in a short period of time. Robo Afrique installs all orders of trellis doors and burglar bars in just three working days for Lusaka residents. Get in touch with us for securing your home with most probably the strongest security barriers in Africa.

Robo Afrique offers a variety of stainless-steel balustrades, from horizontal to vertical types balustrades. All balustrades are custom made to fit customer needs from the size of the posts, handrails, and intermediates. We offer a range of stainless steel with glass up to your staircases, on your balconies, or around your swimming pool areas. We customize our style to your needs from side-mounted, floor-mounted, or “floating”.

We pride ourselves on the most suitable and durable window burglar bars for your home and business. If you are looking for serious Burglar Proofing for your property at the highest standards, then our Burglar Bars are the perfect solution. Robo Afrique Zambia offers fixed Burglar Bars as well as retractable. If you are a “DIY NUTSMAN GUY” you could attempt to fit the door yourself and save a couple of bucks. ​ Contact us for your home improvement.

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